" World Trade Center towers were not demolished with explosives

The author does not take a position in conspiracies per se, for example, with that light, would the U.S. authorities in some way have been able to "subscribe" in the WTC attack. I will say however,that if I had been Bush,and if I would have ordered the attack to get a pretext for a war in Iraq, I would have definitely ordered the at-tack to London, Berlin or Paris, but not in New York: I would have got more widely allies, and US own army and the defense should not have been made ridiculous..

But one thing is absolutely certain:the WTC towers were not demolished. They fell down,when for the heat of the fire the bearing capacity of the floor trusses was ex- ceeded within 2 to 3 floors, which caused the progressive collapse of the floors falling on one another and the so-called core columns buckling, which still sent the floors and the core of the so-called "hat" fall. Last fell the tube walls.

If the WTC towers would have been demolished,controlled or not,like the so-called WTC conspiration theorists claim,they would have collapsed in completely diffe-rent way than they now did due to the buckling of the core columns of the building, and the progressive collapse of the floor elements.

These towers as structural systems were originally designed to collapse into their own place, crashing, for example, for fire or missile attack, or also for possibly for a very intensive hurricane.

The structure of the system of the 400 m high towers, side dimensions of 60m x 60m,was such that the inside columns (core) bore the weight and the loads except the outer walls, and the outer walls formed a mast pipe (tube), which in turn, took up all the horizontal loads, especially in the wind, which was just as important to dimension the required amount of steel in the tube than the weight.


Attention! In this official (?) picture the text “The central core is not part of the main structural part of the building due the enormous load it bares supportin the elevator system...” DOES NOT MEAN, that THE CORE DID NOT AT ALL BEAR VERTICAL LOADINGS, but as I suppose, it means that there was different the PERIMETRAL CORE wich supported loadings only from floors and construktions - and the INNER CORE,which suppoted loadings only from tah massive lift system! Thanks to "Truther" Chris Sairns on attention on this strange expression!


Exterior wall tube stabilizes through the floors the effective buckling length for the core columns to the height of 4m. The effective length is inversely squared pro-por-tional to the load-bearing capacity, when the buckling is the dominant factor, so the double effective length causes the load-bearing capacity to fall, at worst, to 25% from the original, when bracing provided by one floor is taken away.

Floors were supported by floor trusses of steel, which were supported by so called primary girders,attached to the core and to the exterior walls.These all were struc- turally efficient thin-walled structures, because own weight of the steel frame was a highly significant factor in the load.





Permitted applied load on the floors was probably 400kg/m^2, and approximately the same maximum wind load was calculated on the projected area of the buil-ding. The purpose was to provide a steel structure as high as possible, and the resulting structure of the system was then so “interesting” to a terrorist, that for in-stance Encyclopedia Britannica had false constructional information that the core part of the building would be of reinforced concrete.Architectural design flaw in the towers was that there was no external escape routes, which would have been open to the outside air, but fire isolated from the inside a building.Escape routes were all within the Core, and they also received a dose of burning gasoline and other junk of the airplanes, and they spread the fire.



I will not explain in detail how each type of elements of the building collapsed, but instead (because that structural model of the buildings no longer exist) I will tell how the towers could have be been collapsed down in a manual method roughly in the same amount of time and place as they are now collapsed, and without any kind of fire or explosives at all.

I have written this in a form, in which a Conspiracy Theorist should in principle have accidentally collapsed of the tower, and this is easy to understand especially for all people working in construction field.

You have an office in the WTC towers, pretty upstairs.

You win in a lottery of metal engineering students sponsored fy a steel firm valu-able stainless steel plates, which are one 1mx1m, 1 cm thick. The weight of each plate is 100 kg, which one man can bear, when not needed to bear it too far away. You decide to store the plates in the center of the floor in the office,as a bar table. Let´s suppose that your office floor elements are at 5m span from one truss to an-other. And the "bar table" should be at the center of the span. Assume further that the floor consists of 2m wide elements (although this is not essential or necessary).

When you have set four first plates of the “table”, you have achieved 400 kg of weight, up to which the standards allow on a single square. But otherwise the office is empty of loads.

For the whole one floor element is allowed an equally distributed load of totally 4 tons. The weight on the 2mx5m floor element is also 4 tons. For the truss is al-lowed a line load of 4 tons/m from the floor elements, 2 ton/m from floor elements on both sides (load and plate weight).

You will have 4 tons together from the 40cm heap of steel plates on the whole ele- ment.Now,on one square meter is loaded 10 times so much load as the standards allow the load,but the entire element has the load of exactly what is allowed, when it is uniformly distributed.But that way distributed it is not a bar table...The bending moment for the floor element distributes so, that the element is despite the safety factors at the limit of break. Bending moment under the "bar table" is double in comparison to that when the plates are uniformly distributed on the floor. On the other hand the own weight of the element (and trusses etc) is also about 400kg/ m^2, and there are safety and overload factors, so that still it maybe possible to add load.

But before the entire 10 tons is full the element will be sure to snap. And there is no need for a fire. And the weight of 10 square meters of for element (etc) is also 4 tons.

When it clicks into the lower element, 14 tons hard and heavy stuff falls from 4 m above on the downstairs neighbor's exactly the same kind of floor element, and guess, what happens? If there is a bar table too, it does not have influence: the more there should be falling load.

One such "bomb" dropped from the upper floor is sufficient drop floors in one quarter of the building and to break the structural connection between the Core and one tube-wall, which means that the core columns get a degree on freedom to rotate in a bundle buckling in such a way that its carrying capacity is lost, and the core also drops in the "pipe" in the same way, as it took place in reality. What you see "video crash" is the collapse of the empty “tube”.

It is uncertain, however, whether the building drops securely on the place, or whether it falls outside at the lost of tah capacity of its one outer wall. If wished the tower will fall into place, four such "bombs" should be used in the same time, at each four midpoints between the tube walls and the core ."

Risto Koivula, MSc (eng), researcher, Tampere.

Look first at these about the contruction and the collapse mechanism of the WTC towers, ivcluding WTC-7.

WTC7´s:  floor strucure:


Diagram 1 — Typical WTC 7 floor showing locations of columns (numbered). The buckling of Column 79 was the initiating event that led to the collapse of WTC 7. The buckling resulted from fire-induced damage to floors around column 79, failure of the girder between Columns 79 and 44, and cascading floor failures. (Credit: NIST)

The unsupported Column 79 then buckled and triggered an upward progression of floor system failures that reached the building's east penthouse. What followed in rapid succession was a series of structural failures. Failure first occurred all the way to the roof line—involving all three interior columns on the easternmost side of the building (79, 80, and 81). Then, progressing from east to west across WTC 7, all of the columns failed in the core of the building (58 through 78). Finally, the entire façade collapsed.

The probable collapse sequence is described in NIST NCSTAR Report 1A, Section 2.4 and NIST NCSTAR Report 1-9, Chapter 13.


The "truther" views are besed on ignorance physics, especially in mechanics on constructions
Bevin Chu jakoi käyttäjän Brian Rogers kuva.


" The official version of 9/11 implies that Newton’s Laws were suspended that day. We challenge all professors, but especially the physics professors to discuss the relevance of Newton’s Laws to 9/11, publicly or privately. "

HM: Newton's laws of motion


Bevin Chu: " With the revelations of Edward Snowden and others, it is increasingly clear that our civil liberties are disappearing.

-------Research 9/11: -----

By refusing to expose the lies around such a crucial political event as 9/11, acade- mics encourage this trend. As our civil liberties and freedoms disappear, academic freedom will also disappear.

We are asked to accept 9/11 as the excuse for the loss of such freedoms without questioning.

Consider Newton’s three laws:

1. An external force (such as gravity) is needed to change an object’s velocity.

2. F=MA: An object’s acceleration is directly proportional to the force exerted on it. (When an object falls under the influence of gravity alone and unopposed by any upward force, it accelerates at the rate “g,” about 9.8 meters per second squared.
In the presence of a resisting force, like a building structure, acceleration in a fall will be less than g.)

HM: This latest sentense is not exactly tue, if also ACCELERATING forces can influense on some falling part of a collapsing constuktion. That was the case for instance with WTC-tower "hats" over the hit and fire area after the core and floors had started to fall inside the house. The floor elements were strongly fixed at the tube elements, and fallaing down before they accelerated the hats fall. It could even fall with greater acceleration than g ("turbo-free fall"...) as happened in one roof line in WTC-7.

"Resisting" and "acceleration" are one and the same phenomenon physically. Resisting is also acceleration, but in opposite direction to actual velocity.

BC: " 3. When two objects collide, each exerts an equal and opposite force upon the other.

(For example, the upper section of a building exerts on the section below it a downward-directed force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the upward-directed force that the lower section exerts on the upper section.)

HM: This is tue when the "parts" are in eduilibrium, in rest.

But in that moment when the inner part, core and floors, starts to collapse, this "upper section" ceases to be one part (of a whole), one object, it "breaks" in separate parsts which have there own accele-ration and independent forces acting on them. The tube walls is the part which falls last. Falling it is under gravitation, under other accelerating downwards loads from floor elements, the falling of which the tube resists because they are on one end fixed to tube "hat".

That way to devide the building to "parts" is inadequate functionally. The functional parts are the tube, the core and the floors.

BC: " NCSTAR 1A, which is the final report of the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, part of the US Department of Commerce,concluded that during a significant interval in its collapse on September 11 2001, World Trade Center Building 7 accelerated at the rate g as though nothing was resisting its fall. "

HM: One roof line accelerated more than g. There is nothing "strange, and no Newton´s law is broken.

No part under condideration was in free fall. And no free fall condition was men- tioned in NIST report. There was mentioned a "free fall speed" for a point whose acceleration in that moment was more than g.

The acceleration in a free fall condition is measured at the centroid of the falling massive. In other points of the massive can be whatever other acceleration.


BC: " In other words, all those steel members that seconds earlier had been holding the building up suddenly withdrew their support and did not slow the collapse at all. "

HM: No, that was not the situation! Not at all!

1. The "main supporting part", the core, fell FIRST. The tube, the only part which you see in videoes, FELL LAST: Otherwise the building could not have fallen on footprints.

2. The core lost its capasity due to the loosing the lateral support from the floors. Fall of two floors dropped the capacity of core columns in 1/9, because the load bearing capacity of a beam is inverse proportional to the quadrat of the length of the beam.

3. The only vertical support for the tube was the tube itself. The tube columns also loosed their capacity due to the fall of the floors inside the building.

4. If there had been large expolosions in the buiding under the strike level, they would have resisted the fall of the hat, pulled it upwards, not accelerated it downwards.


BC: " That could happen only if either:

• the supporting structure was very rapidly removed and the only force on the collapsing building was gravity, or "

• if the structure remained but somehow failed to exert a force opposing the collapsing part of the building. But Newton’s Third Law says that can’t happen.

Thus, the supporting structure must have been removed.
~Courtesy: "

HM: You do not see the building in your videoes, you see the tube only.

And you see fully the only part which supports the tube: it is the tube itself. No other upwards vertical (resisting) force form the lower part of the building is acting on the upper part (the "hat") of the tube.


BC: " Key Evidence:

**** Rapid onset of destruction, "

HM: You do not see in videoes the onset of destruction. It stated inside building several secons before before you see anything special happening in the tube.


BC: " **** Constant acceleration at or near free-fall through what should have been the path of greatest resistance,… "

HM: The tube which you see in videoes IS NOT THE PART OF GREATIST RESISTANCE (bearing capacity)!

The part of greatisti lod-carrying capastity, the core FELL FIRST!

The pancake theory is principially right, and it is not "revised by NIST later" as the trthere say:

The Truss Failure Theory

FEMA's cartoon truss failure theory
Figure 2-20 from FEMA's Building Performance Study gives the impression that floors spanned the entire width of the Towers. The fine print indicates that the illustration depicts only a section of floors spanning the perimeter (left) and core (right). "
Tis is between the core and the tube.
Only the lowest picture is right. The deformation concetrate to the tube wall.

The truss failure theory, a key ingredient of the better known floor pancake theory, was endorsed by FEMA in its 2002 World Trade Center Building Performance Study . It invites us to imagine the floors assemblies detaching from their connections to the columns of the core and perimeter walls, precipitating a chain reaction of floors falling on one another. Without the lateral support of the floors, the columns, FEMA tells us, buckled and precipitated total building collapse. "

HM: This is true for the towers.

" The truss-failure/pancake theory offered a way around the obvious problem with the column failure theory: the need for all the columns to be heated to 800º C. It offered instead prerequisite conditions that were far less implausible: that trusses holding up the floor slabs were heated to that temperature, and began to experience some combination of expansion and sagging. Floor trusses are much easier to heat because, unlike the columns, they are not well thermally coupled to the rest of the steel structure.

The Truss Failure Theory was was abandoned by NIST's investigation in 2004 because NIST was unable to get floor assemblies to fail as required by the theory. Documentaries that had promoted the truss failure theory became obsolete, and were quietly replaced with updated versions. "

It is not abondoned for the WTC-1 and WTC-2 toers!. It is quite adequte theory.

The essence on the theory is what happens to a floor on which the upper floor or part of it drops. Does it drop also the second floor or not.

In my model that which breaks is one floor element with ten tons load, not the floor truss (when about ten floor elements fall).


BC; **** Numerous eyewitness accounts of explosions… "

HM: It is not possible to hear difference between a break of a massive beam from tensile forces with, or wihout exlposion, or some other reason. With technical devices that difference can be made. There was no techical measured results fom expolosions (seismic etc.).

BC: " **** including 118 FDNY personnel, "

**** Lateral ejection of multi-ton steel framing members distances of 600 feet at more than 60 mph,… "

HM: This is fully possible from bending, "bow", spring forces.

" **** Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete, and large volumes of expanding pyroclastic-like dust clouds,… "

HM: Concrete did not pulverize. Somewhat went to sand. Concrete floor elements fell in the five storeys cave unfer the street level.

The pulvers were plaster, and ashes from paper, wood, plastic etc. from the storeys. There was allowed to be load about 400 kg/floor-m^2  from that kind of materials.

BC: " **** Isolated explosive ejections 20 to 60 stories below the “crush zone,”  "

HM: They are not explosive ejections. They are ejection from air pressure caused by the falling floor elements.

BC; " **** Total destruction and dismemberment of all three buildings, with 220 floors each an acre in size missing from the Twin Towers’ debris pile,…. "

HM: The debris, for instace concrete, was in the 5 storey caves under the street level.

You think all other people are fully idiots...

BC: " **** Several tons of molten steel/iron found in the debris piles,…. "

HM: It is not steel. It is aluminum from the aeroplanes and furnitures. Magnesium component has burned.

BC: " **** Evidence of thermite incendiaries on steel beams,…. "

**** Nanothermite composites and iron microspheres found in WTC dust samples…… "

HM: Thermite is not explosive. It is welding material. It can have been used in buildind. Hot aluminium and rust can have had small scale thermite reactions.


BC: " Consider David Chandlers handling of this predicament:

Also consider his handling of the collapse of World Trade Center 7 which was not hit by a plane, which collapsed at free fall speed (acceleration of gravity for 2.5 seconds) neatly into it's own footprint in 6.5 seconds. "

HM: Its fall time was 16 seconds as I remember, form the fall of first floor elements in the progerssive collapse.

What would have been wrong in exploding WTC-7 form the planned critical column(s) 7 hours after it had started to burn?


BC: " Below are some documentaries that I highly recommend:


HM: Nothing to do with this question.

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - "

HM: They are bullshit engineers and architects in this question.

BC: " September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL) "

HM: Interesting but irrelevant.

BC: " 9/11 Suspects - Explosive Connections (Updated Fixed and Revised)

David Chandler of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth presents the best short video evidence of 9/11 in this playlist: "

HM: No interest for a specialist.

-----HARD FACTS OF 9/11 ------------

9/11 is a topic that is normally frowned upon by others who have never done research on the event. When discussing 9/11 to deniers and/or uninformed people, we need to keep things SIMPLE and PRECISE with solid facts that cannot be discredited. In my opinion, the “official story” IS the conspiracy theory that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. "

HM It is all right. Of course the authorities do not want to give good advice for potential terrorists for new strikes.

This act would have been done by much easier way and less people (for instace fy city guerilla Koivula).

BC: " I have made a list of 24 HARD FACTS about 9/11 that we should mainly focus on to generate awareness and acceptance.People need to know the FACTS!

1) Nano Thermite found in the dust at Ground Zero. Peer reviewed in the Ben-tham Open Chemical Physics Journal. ‘Thermite Bentham’, “The great thermate debate”, ‘Iron rich spheres’, ‘Limited Metallurgical Examination (FEMA C-13, Appendix C-6)’.‘Steven Jones’ ‘Niels Harrit’, ‘Mark Basile’, ‘Jon Cole’, ‘Nano Tubes’. "

HM: No interest.Thermite can have been used in weldings. And small scale thermite reactions happened between hot aluminium ahd rust. Thermite is not explosive.

BC: " 2) 2000+ Engineers and Architects support a real independent 9/11 investigation. ‘Explosive Evidence’,’Blueprint for Truth’, ‘Toronto Hearings’, ‘Richard Gage’, ‘Kevin Ryan’, ‘’. "

HM: That kind of investigation is useless.

BC: " 3) The total collapse of WTC 7 in 6.5 seconds at free fall acceleration (NIST admits 2.25 seconds). Larry Silverstein used the term “Pull it”. Steel framed high rise buildings have NEVER totally collapsed from fire or structural damage. Building 7 was not hit by a plane. ‘Building 7′, ‘WTC 7′. "

HM: " The collapse time was at least 16 soconds, inside the building.


BC: " 4) Dick Cheney was incommand of NORAD on 9/11 while running war games. ‘Stand down order’. “Ofcourse the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”.”Gave order to shootdown Flight 93.”, ‘NORAD Drills’. ‘NormanMineta’. “PEOC”

5) 6 out of the 10 Commissioners believe the 9/11 Commission report was, “Setup to fail” Co Chairs Hamilton and Kean. “It was a 30 year conspiracy”, “The white house has played cover up”, ‘Max Cleland resigned’, ‘John Farmer’.

6) FBI confiscated 84/85 Videos from the Pentagon. Pentagon Security CCTV (FOIA) does not show a757 and is clearly missing a frame. ‘Sheraton Hotel’, “Double tree’,’Citgo”. ‘Moussaoui trial’. ‘Judicial Watch’. ‘Maguire declaration’. "

HM: No special interest.

BC: " 7) Osama Bin Laden was NOT wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks. “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” CIA created,trained and funded “Al Qaeda/Taliban” during the Mujahideen. OBL was a CIA asset named ‘Tim Osman’. OBL Reported dead in Dec 2001. "

HM: Osama was in that time already the most wanted terrorist in the world due to his embassy strikes in East Africa. He was a person who had means and true information of the buildings and New York security means to make the strike in that way.

For instance I cold have made it with that information in another way (link in the beginning) without explosives, and without fire. I wouldn´t have been the only possible person to do it in that way, but Osama was the only person to do it in his way, as it was done.

Osama Bn Laden had no kidney disease. It was a brain fatus of Hillary Clintons mental ill adviser.

BC: 8) 100’s of Firefighters and witness testimony to BOMBS/EXPLOSIONS ignored by the 9/11Commission Report. 9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses.”Explosions in the lobby and sub levels”, ‘Firefighter explosions’,’Barry Jennings’, ‘William Rodriguez’. "

HM: Those envets were not explositions.

BC: " 9) 100’s of firefighters and witness testimony to MOLTEN METAL ignored by the Commission report. “Like you’re in a foundry”, “NIST’s John Gross denies the existence of Molten Metal”, ‘Swiss Cheese’, “As of 21 days afterthe attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running.” Leslie Robertson’. "

HM: The metal was aluminium.

BC: " 10) ‘5 Dancing Israeli’s’ arrested in ‘Mossad Truck Bombs’ on 9/11 that stated “We werethere to document the event.” ‘Urban Moving Systems’ front company,’Dominic Suter’. “$498,750 Business loan (June 2001)”. “OfficerDeCarlo’, ‘Art Students’, ‘Israeli Spying’. "

HM: No interest.

BC: " 11) On September 10th, 2001. Rumsfeld reported $2.3 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon. ‘Dov Zakheim’ Pentagon Comptroller. Former VP of ‘Systems Planning Corporation’ (Flight Termination System). Signatore of PNAC document.

12) 220+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials question the official story. ‘9/11 Whistle blowers’, ‘Patriots for 9/11′.’Robert Bowman’, ‘Sibel Edmonds’, ‘Albert Stubblebine’, ‘Wesley Clark’, ‘MarkDayton’, ‘Alan Sabrosky’, ‘Cyntha McKinney’, ‘Jesse Ventura’, ‘KurtSonnenfeld’. “” "

HM: Of course this incident was immediately used to hide misconductions in the bureaucracy!

BC; " 13) Towers were built to withstand a Boeing jet(s). “I designed it for a 707 to hit it”, Leslie Robertson, WTC structural engineer. “Could probably sustain multiple impacts of jetliners”, “like a pencil puncturing screen netting” Frank De Martini, deceased Manager of WTC Construction & Project Management. “As far as a plane knocking a building over, that would not happen.” Charlie Thornton, Structural Engineer. "

HM: That happened. plane were too big. They were bild to withstand accident, not planned terror strikes with all chracteristics in worst possible positions.

BC: " 14) History of American False Flag attacks. ‘USS Liberty’, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’, ‘Operation Northwoods’, ’OKC Bombing (Murrah Building)’, ‘1993 WTC attacks’. ‘Patrick Clawson’. Project for the New American Century (PNAC) needed “a New Pearl Harbor”, ”Rebuilding America’s Defenses”. 9/11 Achieved those goals. ‘Anthrax’. "

HM: Interesting but not evidence.

BC: " 15) BBC correspondent Jane Standley reported the collapse of WTC 7 (Soloman Brothers building) 20 minutes before it happened. CNN/FOX/MSNBC also had early reports. ‘BBC wtc 7′,’Jane Standley’, Ashleigh Banfield’. "

HM: Interesting but not important. It would have been nothing wrong to exlode WTC-7. It woud have been also possible, on the contrary to the high towers.

B: " 16) “Flight 93″ debris was spread out over many miles. Cheney admits to giving the order to shoot down 93. “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” Rumsfeld, “nothing that you could distinguish that a plane had crashed there” ‘Chris Konicki. “Not a drop of blood” Coroner Wallace Miller. “there was no plane.” Mayor Ernie Stull. "

HM: Nothing to do with the towers.

BC: " 17) Bush hesitated for 441 days before starting the 911 Commission. ‘Jer-sey Girls’. ‘Phil Zelikow’ already wrote the outline before the commission began. ‘Steel shipped overseas’. JFK and Pearl Harbor commissions were started within 7 days. "

HM: Interesting but not important,

BC: " 18) The 911 commission was only given $15 million to investigate 9/11. Initially only $3 million was given. ‘Not enough money’. (Over $60 Million was spent investigating Clintons’ affairs with Monica). "

HM: There must be a very good legal reason to put money in researches of a case, where the technical procees happened as it ought to happen according to fire design of the buildings.

BC: " 19) Bush said he watched the first plane crash into the North tower on TV before entering the classroom.”The TV was obviously on.” Bush was informed about the second impact while reading ‘The Pet Goat’ with the children for at least 8 more minutes while America was under “attack”.

20) The PATRIOT ACT was written before 9/11 and signed into law on October 26th, 2001. Just 45 days after 9/11

21) Marvin Bush, director of Stratesec (Securacom, ‘KuAm’) was in charge of security of the WTC, United Airlines and Dulles International Airport. All three were breached on 9/11. ICTS also provided security at 9/11 airports. ‘Marvin Bush’, ‘Barry McDaniel’, ‘Wirt Walker’, ‘ICTS’, ‘WTC power downs’. "

HM: Interesting, but does not mean that the CTC towers were demolished by explosives.

BC: " 22) “Who killed John O’Neil?”. Former FBI task force agent investigating Al Qaeda/Bin Laden. Transferred by Kroll Corporation to head the security just before 9/11.John O’Neil died in the Towers. ‘Jerome Hauer’ ‘Jules Kroll’.

23) Insider trading based upon foreknowledge. ‘Put Options’. Never identified insiders made millions. ‘United and American Airlines’ ‘Raytheon’. ‘Missing gold’. ‘Black Eagle Trust Fund’. "

HM: They were Osama´s people. Of course they made money with the strike in stock exchange.

BC: " 24) Atleast 7 of the 19 listed hijackers are alive (BBC). No video footage of 19 hijackers or passengers boarding the 4 planes. Pilots of the 4 planes never squawked the hijacking code (7500). ‘Alive hijackers’,’ACARS’, ‘Pilots for 9/11 Truth’.

WTC 7 (The SmokingGun)

Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper and was part of the World Trade Center complex. Built in 1984, it would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states in the United States. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001 in 6.5 Seconds at free fall acceleration. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers. "

HM: There would have been nothing wrong to expole WTC-7 to ensure its falling on footprints.


BC: " 7 FACTS about Building 7

1) If fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise.
2) Building 7’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.
3) According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 43% of Americans did not know about Building 7.
4) It took the federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report for Building 7.
5) 2000+ architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation that would include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives for the collapse of Building 7.
6) Numerous witnesses say the possibility of demolishing Building 7 was widely discussed by emergency personnel at the scene and advocated by the building’s owner.
7) Building 7 housed several intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center (23rd floor), more commonly known as “Giuliani’s Bunker”.

Simple Facts ofTemperatures:

~1535ºC (2795ºF) – melting point of iron.
~1510ºC (2750ºF) – melting point of typical structural steel.
~825ºC (1517ºF) – maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in the atmospherewithout pressurization or pre-heating (premixed fuel and air – blue flame). Diffuse flames burn far cooler. Oxygen-starved diffuse flames are cooler yet. The fires in the Towers were diffuse and well below 800ºC.


JetFuel (JET A-1): “Commercial jet fuel is essentially kerosene…”
~260-315°C(500-599°F) – open air burning temperature of JET A-1.
~980°C(1796°F) – maximum burning temperature of JET A-1.

“It is believed that almost all of the jet fuel that remained on the impact floors was consumed in the first few minutes of the fire.” Source: FEMA (Page 22)

~2500ºC (4532ºF) – maximum temperature of Thermite.
~660ºC (1120ºF) – melting point of Aluminum (turns silver rapidly when cooled).
~233ºC (451ºF) – Ignition temperature of paper (No chemicals added).
~1800-2500°C (3272-4532°F) – Melting point of Concrete.

“Like you’re in a foundry.”


9/11 – The Hard Facts (Ver.1) "



ONCE MORE: There would have been nothing wrong to expole WTC-7 at the crtical column 79 to ensure its falling on footprints.

" ... 4.7 Summary and ConclusionIn summary, several findings were made from the analyses above:

1.Columns 79, 80, and 81 did not fail at the lower floors of the building. Instead, they needed to have failed at the up-per floors of the building all the way to the penthouse. Yet there were no documented fires above Floor 30. Therefore, fire did not cause the collapse of Columns 79, 80, and 81 nor the collapse of the east penthouse.

2.The hypothetical failure of Columns 79, 80, and 81 — the three easternmost core columns — would not trigger a horizontal progression of core column failures.

Therefore, the hypotheses of NIST, Arup/Nordenson, and Weidlinger that the buckling of Column 79 would trigger a progressive collapse of the entire building are invalid, and the collapse of Columns 79, 80, and 81 high in the building was a separate and distinct event.

3. Even if we assume the failure of Columns 79, 80, and 81 could lead to the failure of the next row of core columns, the hypotheticalfailure of Columns 76 to 81 would overload the exterior columns around the southeast corner of the building, rather than overloading the next row of core columns to the west, which would result in the building tipping to the southeast and notina straight-down collapse.

4. The simultaneous failure of all core columns over 8 sto-ries followed 1.3 seconds later by the simultaneous failure of all exterior columns over 8 stories produces almost exactly the behavior observed in videos of the collapse.

The collapse could have started at various floors starting at Floor 16 and below and produced the same behavior. It is our conclusion that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failureof all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the sequential failure of columns throughout the building.

Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any progressive sequence of failures that could have taken place on September 11, 2001, and caused a total collapse of the building,let alone the observed straight-down collapse with approximately 2.5 se conds of free fall and minimal differential movement of the exterior. "


RK: The reason of the collapse was the loss structural connection of the floors to one stiffening wall, due to fall of floor elements in picture let of line from column 44 to column 26, lower the 8. etage.

NIST´s simulation on WTC-7´s collapse: