Ukrainan terveysministeri Ilja Jemets povaa maan eläkeläisten kuolemaa koronavi-rukseen. Hän on lääketieteen tohtori ja puolueisiin kuulumaton "ammattiministeri".


" Глава Минздрава Украины предрек смерть всех пенсионеров страны из-за коронавируса


Несмотря на то, что на Украине вирус заразил всего троих людей, киевские власти всерьез обеспокоены эпидемией. В стране ввели всеобщий карантин и полностью закрыли границы для зарубежных гостей.

А недавно вступивший в должность министр здравоохранения Украины Илья Емец и вовсе прогнозирует государству геноцид. По его словам, в случае начала эпидемии умрут все проживающие на его территории пенсионеры.

Емец обратил внимание, что вирус чаще поражает людей старших поколений, чем молодых. "Между прочим, этот вирус детей не поражает, а сейчас умрут все пенсионеры, если это случится", – сказал политик.

Его высказывание быстро вызвало ажиотаж в интернете и медийном про-странстве. Позже министру пришлось объясняться за свои слова. Емец зая-вил, что хотел лишь сказать о предрасположенности пожилых людей к забо-леванию. Следовательно, у них имеется повышенный риск летального исхода. Однако глава Минздрава заверил, что здоровье этой категории граждан нахо-дится на контроле ведомства. Напомним, что согласно последним данным, коронавирус COVID-2019 заразил более 145 тысяч человек по всему миру. Его жертвами стали свыше 5,5 тысячи человек. На Украине инфекцию подхватили трое человек, один из которых скончался. "
Tohtori Emets asettaa vastakkain omat potilaat ja muun potilasryhmän...


Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The history of the clinic

In 1992, the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Neonatal Resuscitation was opened at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery (ICS) of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. In the same year, the first successful surgical correction of a congenital malformation in a newborn baby was performed.

In 1996, the Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Neonatal Resuscitation was established under the ICS of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,headed by Ilya Emets. After receiving experience in cardio surgery in foreign schools in Sydney and Mel-bourne (Australia), Toronto (Canada), Paris (France), Dr. Emets headed the first and the main specialized institution in our country that provides consultative and thera-peutic help to newborns with congenital heart defects not only to residents Ukraine, but also to the inhabitants of the CIS countries.

In 2003, the State Institution “Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” was established in accor-dance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 02 February 2003 №150 in pursuance of the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 06 March 2003 №631-IV “On the creation and equipping in Ukraine of the Center for Cardiac Surgery of Newborns”. In 2006, the Center for the ICS of the AMS of Ukraine named after. N.N. Amosov moved to a new building on the 28/1 Chornovil Street. The Corps of the Center is located in the historical building of the “Free Hospital of the Tsarevich Nicholas for Unskilled Workers”,built in 1894 with the funds of the famous Kyiv patron Nikola Tereshchenko. In December 2010, the second building of the Center was opened on the 24 Melnikova Street.


Frightening smell of decay: the bleak prospects of the new Zelensky government


Vitaliy Zhuravsky, Ukrainian lawyer and politician, talks about the bleak prospects of the new government of the Zelensky team.

The government promised a government with new faces with an economy guru at the head. What do we have in practice?

March 4 Verkhovna Rada at an extraordinary meeting approved the updated com-position of the Cabinet. The allegedly new government with new faces consists of familiar faces who are not new at all. Denis Priestayko – appointed Vice Prime Minis-ter for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration; in the government of Goncharuk, he worked as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dmitry Kuleba – before receiving the portfolio of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Shmygal,he was vice-prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integ- ration, again at Goncharuk. Arsen Avakov – the constant minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at all premieres – from Yatsenyuk to Shmygal. Vladislav Krikliy, Denis Malyuka, Mikhail Fedorov are also the legacy of the Goncharuk government.

Oleg Nemchinov – the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers – is generally an outspoken “gunpowder.”

Even before he was appointed to the post, I analyzed his statements on Facebook: he not only criticized Zelensky, he openly poured mud on him!

He called the president “drug addict”, and “clown”, and “resident” of a foreign state, and “poop” …

I was indignant at the fact that they returned Ukrainian citizenship to Mikhail Saaka-shvili. After the presidential election, Nemchinov publicly ranked himself as a “group of 25”, Poroshenko’s voters. And in general, how could they appoint a person to such a high position who humiliate the honor and dignity of the first person of the state ?!

The new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories is Aleksey Reznikov, former Secretary of the City Council, and more recently, a member of the team, Vitali Klitschko. Nobody has forgotten that the Kiev mayor led the party Poroshenko “BPP” Solidarity “.

We also remember that, not least thanks to Klitschko, Peter Alekseevich became the fifth president of Ukraine. On the eve of the 2014 presidential election, his rating was inferior to Klitschko’s popularity. But he deliberately stepped aside. One can only guess the price of such a service.

Finance Minister Igor Umansky is also a well-known person in the government led by the Ministry of Finance. In the government of Shmygal, Ilya Emets was appointed Minister of Health. He was already the head of the Ministry of Health during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

The current Prime Minister Denis Shmygal himself, by the way, was listed in the reserve of the Cabinet in 2011 under the fourth president of Ukraine.

Let us return to Zelensky’s promise to appoint an economy guru at the head of the government. What was the “guru” Goncharuk, we already know. Now here is the Shmygal.

Look at his biography, he hasn’t stayed anywhere for more than a year, a typical flyer without any success stories.

Minister for Veterans Affairs – Sergey Bessarab, Minister of Youth and Sports – Va-dim Gutzeit,Minister of Social Policy – Marina Lazebnaya, Minister of Development of Communities and Territories – Alexey Chernyshev, Minister of Defense – Andrey Taran.

These are supposedly “new faces”. With one important caveat – they never played even the second or third violin in their fields. Never, under any circumstances.

When the members of the current Cabinet were appointed according to the list, with-out discussion,with gross violations of the law “On the Rules of the Verkhovna Rada”, the thesis of the so-called “new faces” went into oblivion.

Five more ministerial portfolios remain vacant! Then the power vertical went along the line of appointment of temporary acting.

Thus, the ministers of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Pavel Kukh-ta, the Ministry of Science and Education Yuri Polyukhovich,energy and environmen-tal protection Vitaly Shubin, the culture of youth and sports Svetlana Fomenko were appointed.At the same time,the Cabinet of Ministers already has the Minister of Youth and Sports – Vadim Gutzeit. That is: two ministers in one direction, against the back-ground of the absence of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy on the eve of land reform?

It is worth noting that temporarily appointed ministers do not have voting rights at Ca-binet meetings. In addition, in the management system, such people are treated as “Varangians,” with whom they do not make close contacts, realizing that they will be replaced soon. And nobody is in a hurry to build international relations with the “temporary workers”.

Parliament by all indications has lost its subjectivity. Deputies who voted for the new Cabinet (227 votes), in general, had no idea about the proposed candidates for ministerial positions.

On the eve of the vote, a list was distributed from the president with an unequivocal command to support the vote. The Verkhovna Rada was deprived of the opportunity to meet and communicate with ministers, listen to their programs and ask them questions.

The cabinet is understaffed. The absence of candidates for 5 (!) Ministries is a clear evidence that leading experts in their fields do not want to replenish such a government. Which, if it lasts more than 6 months, will perform a real miracle!

Cabinet with the trust of 6% of citizens, according to sociological studies, repels pro-fessionals. Significant personalities with a reputation do not want to get dirty. There-fore, they refuse to work in such a team that once again confirms the thesis of a serious systemic crisis of power.

I am convinced that rearrangements in the government will not have any effect on changes in the country's course. The updated composition of ministers will not be able to change the vectors against which the majority of Ukrainians oppose. The state will continue to continue to follow the instructions of the IMF, which are disadvantageous and harmful to the Ukrainian economy.

The government in its current composition is absolutely helpless both to the “pigs” and to the oligarchs, who control about 80% of key assets in the country.

Of course, according to the results of the work of the government in the “new” com-position, toxicity to power will increase significantly. And this will lead to a drop in confidence in the president and parliament.

I do not exclude the possibility that the third government of the Ze-team may not be assembled at all.

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Vitaliy Zhuravsky, Ukraine

Source: rusvesna.su



Ukraine’s Health Minister Called People Aged Over 65 “Corpses”


Health Minister of Ukraine Ilya Emets called the country’s citizens over 65 years old “corpses”. In his opinion, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the state and businesses should not spend money to support these people. The head of the Ministry of health said this on the air of “112.ua”.


According to Emets, Ukraine currently lacks the express tests and virological laboratories “even if to take in account the help of China”.

“After all, we know the statistics of how many people we have over 65 years old. <…> I say when financiers will start to count on those people who are still alive (elderly), I don’t joke or try to scare. I keep saying: calculate how much funds we need to allocate for living people, not for corpses,” Emets said.

To this date, 73 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Ukraine. Three people died and one recovered.